The Wall Of Shame

These teams lost to the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats, and their shame shall stand forever.

12/26/2011vs Milwaukee96-95
01/04/2012@ New York118-110
01/14/2012vs Golden State112-100
02/17/2012@ Toronto98-91
03/06/2012vs Orlando100-84
03/12/2012@ New Orleans73-71
03/17/2012vs Toronto107-103


Just wanted to add that this the list of who the Bobcats beat in 2012, because that is what most people seem to be searching for, but this page doesn’t seem to come up on Google. I’m here to help!

One thought on “The Wall Of Shame

  1. This is an amazing website. TBJ host J.E. Skeets posted a twitter link to it early in the season and I have been following since. Your write ups are hilarious and the humour is perfect. Love the satire.

    Keep it up!

    Celtics fan.

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