Warriors 115, Bobcats 110

Uh, Bismack Biyombo had 12 points, hit all 4 of his free throws, 14 rebounds, a couple blocks and a nasty put-back dump. Gerald Henderson had a season high with 23.

Other than that, this game sucked. 14 straight losses. Going to lose tomorrow night too.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the defense, but apparently it’s built around letting 3 point shooters stand wide open and hit 60% of their shots and this doesn’t seem like a great strategy.

Unlucky #13

Ok, I’ve been a bit lax in updating the site, but now that we’ve hit 13, I thought it might be good to address somethings.

The 3 in 13 is notable because it’s also the team’s biggest problem. The Bobcats are currently giving up more 3 point attempts, more 3 point makes, and the highest 3PT % in the NBA.

In the month of December, only two teams had less than 20 3PT attempts, every team has hit at least 30%, with quite a few shooting 40% or greater.

The other significant problem is that the Bobcats are not forcing turnovers and maintaining a turnover advantage. As the Bobcats are not the greatest team when it comes to half court offense, so they desperately need those 4 point swings that come with a steal and a fast break layup.

The final significant issue is Ramon Sessions’ play as of late. Early on, there was no drop off in production when Ramon came in for Kemba, but as of late there’s a night and day difference. While Ramon’s dropoff is magified by the fact that Kemba is play is improving, the second unit could really benefit if Sessions got it together.

There are some silver linings – they put a serious scare into the Lakers, Kemba seems to have fixed his shooting on the road problem and is shooting much better from 3, and MKG is doing things like putting up 25pts and 12reb.