Presser for Mike Dunlap

Stuff I noticed:

Dunlap mostly said he was going to implement an attacking style on both defense and offense.

Interesting note: Dunlap got the job offer while flying home after the interview. I guess they really like him.

Dunlap mentioned multiple times that they wanted to brand the team via it’s style of play. How many teams have notable play styles? Suns, early 2000′s Kings, Spurs (?)…

He also referenced Malcolm Gladwell (10,000 hour rule) and building pyramids. Well, at least he seems to know what he’s getting into.

He does seem to realize that the Bobcats had huge problems with guys getting easy baskets at the rim, and the Cats not getting any. That was a huge problem.

Dunlap seems to think establishing solid relationships with each player, learning about them outside of basketball. That’s good.

Dunlap mentioned that fans want to see a winning team… or at least one that plays hard.

Interesting notes about “coaching for his dinner” in Australia. Dunlap isn’t a retread, but he has been around the block a few times.

He said because he’s “older” he’s got lots of connections which should help him build a assistant coaching staff.

2 thoughts on “Presser for Mike Dunlap

  1. I really am hoping to see the kind of improvement that we saw with the Panthers, if not promising the best team on the court at least promising to be more entertaining. If they can be more attacking on the court maybe can scrounge up the kind of fan interest that Panthers got…. maybe.

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