Serge Ibaka Needs To Shut His Mouth

Serge Ibaka has violated my #1 rule of team sports: Never ever talk trash to a guy you don’t match up against.

Seriously, Serge. Why piss off the guy who is going to guard somebody else? LeBron’s going to come out fired up and take it out on poor Kevin Durant. Not you. And now KD is wandering around looking for puppies to kick because he’s got to deal with a hyped up LeBron James tonight.

If you want to talk smack to Chris Bosh and point out that he looks like ostrich, ok, fine. It’s dumb, but I’ll allow it.

I’m old fat white guy who plays in the paint. You think I go out and talk smack to the other teams guards? Heck no. They either go off on my teammate who’s guarding them, getting my teammate mad at me, or they just try to run pick and rolls to see if they can get me out on the perimeter so they can embarrass me.

Look, if you really must try to play psychological games with LeBron, make a comment about how he’s a terrible 3pt shooter in the hope that he just comes out and shoots 3s instead of trying to dunk on people. That might actually help you.

Finally how would you know how well LeBron’s defense is? During your tenure in the league, nobody in the NBA, nevermind LeBron, has bothered playing defense against you.

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