Wizards 101, Bobcats 73

So I will confess, I stopped paying attention at half time and started working on the “Despair” header you see above.

Highlights of the game:

  • Derrick Brown saved a ball on the sidelines on the Wizards end of the court right to an opponent, who shoots and has it goal tended by Byron Mullens
  • DJ Augustin hit a 3 with his shoe untied
  • Nobody died
  • Tyrus Thomas elbowed two dudes in the head, got himself thrown out.
  • We almost got #PrayForCardboardGerald trending.

  • * If you don’t understand the reference above, go look here, and then go read some books you Philistine!

    One thought on “Wizards 101, Bobcats 73

    1. michael Jordan is still the best ever to play the game of basketball. I truly believe I will never see another like him in this lifetime. I this.k people should get.off his ass it will get better for the team but stop defaming him

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