Grizzlies 85, Bobcats 80

Ok, look, I will admit that for a while, I was legitimately concerned that I would have to work up a new header for the site. Fortunately for me, the Bobcats realized that they were the Bobcats and coughed this one up in middle of the 4th with 7 turnovers.

Hendo went off, with one of the best games by a Bobcat this year.

Oh well, at least I was able to watch a game where I hadn’t abandoned all hope midway through the 3rd.

3 thoughts on “Grizzlies 85, Bobcats 80

  1. Six points shy from looking like a weirdo and Bobcats savant instead of a weirdo who tweets to you about dreams involving Bobcats wins. Damn it!

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