Celtics 94, Bobcats 82

This is how I imagined it happened

* a knock on Doc Rivers’ office door *
Rivers: Come in!
* two Celtics trainers enter *
Rivers: What can I do for you?
Trainer 1: It’s the Big Three, coach. Garnett, Pierce and Allen are all dinged up and are going to be questionable for the next game.
* Rivers face-palms, begins massaging his temples *
Rivers: That’s really bad news. It’s the thick of the playoff chase and we really need this win-
* Rivers stops short and looks up *
Rivers: Hang on, let me check something
* River consults NBA season schedule, smiles broadly *
Trainer 2: What’s up coach?
Rivers: No worries man, we’re playing at the Bobcats! Tell those cats they can chill out at home.
* Trainer 1 and Trainer 2 high five *

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