For Those About To Lose, We Salute Paul Silas

The Bobcats just announced that Paul Silas will not be returning as head coach.

I love Paul Silas. Not only was he an endless source of entertainment, be it his ability go after players who acted dumb (Tyrus Thomas, Anthony Mason) and his quality face-palming, but the guy was a quality coach who managed to get big men to play better than they are (Kwame, Biyombo, Mullens).

I don’t blame Paul Silas for this terrible season. While he shares some blame with the players, most of the blame should go to the front office, and even then it’s hard to say “wow they really screwed up”. They had a plan to blow up the team, suffer through a shortened season with some young guys, and go forward with cap space and draft picks. You can’t argue that they executed this part of the plan in a most exceptional manner.

The Bobcats experienced the perfect storm of suckage. Take a bunch of injuries, and bunch of young players, no off season to get said young players ready, and a highly compressed allowed no idea for actual coaching. Combine those and you get the worst season ever.

Anyway, the next question is “who’s going to coach this sad sack now?”. Bobcats beat guy Rick Bonnell has presented some possibilities: Mike D’Antoni (yay!), Nate McMillan (I wouldn’t be too upset), and Patrick Ewing (I would shut this site down and become a Hawks fan).

With the very sad state the Bobcats are in, you can’t believe pulling in a decent coach will be easy. Nate McMillan may be the best option, as you have to believe D’Antoni will command a significant salary.

Blogger netw3rk probably summed things up the best with this tweet:

@netw3rk: Breaking: Paul Silas will not return as coach of the Bobcats because he now hates the game of basketball.

Can’t blame him.

update: Woj already let us know about Nate McMillan

@WojYahooNBA: Nate McMillan is a North Carolina native and natural candidate for Michael Jordan, but remote chance he’ll have interest, sources tell Y!

We are so screwed.

Magic 102, Bobcats 95

You know what irks me the most about this game? It’s not that the Bobcats battled back to within 1 only to have Matt Carroll sabotage the game. It’s not that Derrick Brown screwed up his ankle and we’re going to start Thomas or somebody at the 3 tomorrow. It’s not that that the Magic had 15 offensive rebounds even though their front line resembled a bag of chips and a half empty can of grocery store brand soda.

It’s that freaking JJ Reddick scored 31 points. 31 POINTS. Ugh. I hate that guy.

Anyway this song is dedicated to @CardboardGerald.

Hang in there buddy. It’s not like it can get any worse. #PrayForCardboardGerald

Wizards 101, Bobcats 73

So I will confess, I stopped paying attention at half time and started working on the “Despair” header you see above.

Highlights of the game:

  • Derrick Brown saved a ball on the sidelines on the Wizards end of the court right to an opponent, who shoots and has it goal tended by Byron Mullens
  • DJ Augustin hit a 3 with his shoe untied
  • Nobody died
  • Tyrus Thomas elbowed two dudes in the head, got himself thrown out.
  • We almost got #PrayForCardboardGerald trending.

  • * If you don’t understand the reference above, go look here, and then go read some books you Philistine!

    Kings 114, Bobcats 88

    Sad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul SilasSad Paul Silas

    All you need to know about this game is that the Sprite Player of the Game was the stats lady.

    Steve Martin is perilously close to suicide and Dell Curry appears to be on a dosage of valium that would kill an elephant.

    God this was terrible. Bad doesn’t do it justice. Abysmal? Horrendous? Bobcatsian?

    Grizzlies 85, Bobcats 80

    Ok, look, I will admit that for a while, I was legitimately concerned that I would have to work up a new header for the site. Fortunately for me, the Bobcats realized that they were the Bobcats and coughed this one up in middle of the 4th with 7 turnovers.

    Hendo went off, with one of the best games by a Bobcat this year.

    Oh well, at least I was able to watch a game where I hadn’t abandoned all hope midway through the 3rd.

    Paul Silas beat up Tyrus Thomas

    So according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Paul Silas and Tyrus Thomas got into a confrontation after the Bobcats were beaten by the Celtics without the Big Three. Apparently Silas shoved Thomas who was mouthing off.

    This particular quote is amazing:

    “Silas hates losing to the Celtics, and Paul was even angrier that he thought [Thomas] was acting buddy-buddy with some of their guys,” one source said. “That’s what got it going. But Paul was yelling at him over his salary, over what they have left to pay him. But it started with him saying, hey, he could live with the losing, but you’re going to be buddy-buddy as they’re beating your ass too?”

    Let’s be honest, all of us want to basically do the same thing to Thomas. In fact, I’m fairly surprised that it took this long for Silas to snap.

    The next thing to happen will be Bobcats’ play by play guy Steve Martin suffocating DeSagana Diop in his sleep, and will end with a flourish as Michael Jordan walks into the locker room after the Bobcats 23rd straight loss and kills each and every player with his bare hands.