02/19/12 – Pistons X, Bobcats < X

Look, I gave up on this game with about 0:30 left in the first half and the bobcats were down by 14, so you’re seeing an auto-published article filled with my complaining. If the Bobcats come back and win, I apologize for wasting your time, but I’m going to go do something less painful, like go watch Green Lantern.

Things that the Bobcats suck at:

  • Half court offense
  • Transition offense
  • Half court defense
  • Transition defense
  • Open shots
  • Contested shots
  • Free throws
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Pretty much everything else related to basketball

Bobcats TV just showed a “highlight” of Silas face-palmining. Yeah.


So I just saw this on twitter:

@the_REAL_alexb: @DTBWLN I wrote about your website in my school’s online magazine: http://huronsgrapevine.com/archives/870

Unfortunately, I’ve only really been updating this after games, which isn’t daily, so Mr. Alex B has taken the bar and raise it about 6 feet and now I’m screwed. THANKS JERK.



(actually no this is pretty awesome and made what was a pretty crappy week much better)

2/22/2012 – Pacers 109, Bobcats 88


It would appear that the Bobcats exist in a NO BASKETS ZONE. They shot 35.2% on the night, and about 5% of that was made up in garbage time.

Only two Bobcats, Bismack Biyombo (4-8) and Matt Carroll (1-2) shot 50% or better.

For being professional players at a game that revolves around putting a ball through a hoop, the Bobcats on the whole are really really bad at putting a ball through a hoop.

At least they competed tonight. That’s about all we can ask for at this point.

That’s all I’ve got. They’ve broken me. See you guys in a week.

2/19/2012 – Pacers Win By OH GOD MY EYES

Pretty much all you need to know is that the game started out with the Pacers leading 21-2, and it just got worse from there.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking “Clay, why is Gana Diop pictured above in what is ostensibly a firing squad situation? The loss wasn’t all his fault, was it?”

Of course it wasn’t all his fault. But Gana Diop is the most incompetent basketball player I have ever seen. And don’t forget that I lived through the early Hornets years, where we were graced with such big man luminaries as Joe Wolf, Earl Cureton*, George Zidek, Greg Kite and Stuart Grey. In his 15 minutes, he had more turnovers (4) than rebounds (2), assists (1), and field goals (0).

How does a 7 foot man only get 2 rebounds in 15 minutes? It’s not like he’s Andrea Bargnani and he’s out at the 3 point making it rain. I’m not sure if his lack of skill or his lack of effort is holding him back. Probably some combination of the two.

In other news of large men with a lack of effort, starting PF Boris Diaw had 0 points. Congrats Boris, you had the same offensive production as Gana Diop. Bismack didn’t score either, but at least he put up 2 blocks, 2 steals, 8 rebounds in limited time due to Diop stealing his minutes (and had, by FAR, the best +/- of the starters).

I hate you basketball.

And on that note, #PrayForCardboardGerald

* I actually met Earl Cureton once when I was about 10 years old at the Picasso’s Pizza on East Blvd and he signed an autograph for me even though he was eating dinner alone right after the Hornets had released him. He was a nice man.

2/15/2012 – T-Wolves 102, Bobcats 90

“Cum hoc, ergo propter hoc” is a Latin phrase that translates to “with this, therefore because of this” – or very simply “this happened because something else happened.” This phrase (and the idea behind it) is a logical fallacy. Just because Event A happens immediately before (or at the same time) as Event B, it does not mean that Event A caused Event B. This is often referred to as “Correlation does not imply causation”.


I’m going to give you 2 entries from tonight’s play by play and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

Diop Losing Correlation

Q3 2:49DeSagana Diop enters the game for Bismack Biyomb66-68
Q4 8:27Boris Diaw enters the game for DeSagana Diop70-84